Lessons for foreigners

The Pushkin Institute in addition to its main educational activity, teaching Russian language to the Greeks, offers Russian language courses to the citizens of the other countries, who live and work in Greece. We offer Russian language courses based on Greek or another foreign language (English, German, etc.) to diplomats, employees of the embassies, multinational companies, corporations and international organizations, military attaché, journalists, news agencies` employees, professors of foreign universities of Greece, as well as to foreigners who serve in non-profit and non-governmental organizations and, of course, to foreign citizens who have decided for personal reasons to live temporarily or permanently in Greece.

Additionally, due to the Institute`s long experience and help in social assimilation and integration of people coming from the former Soviet Union and Russian Federation (repatriates, returnees, economic migrants, political refugees) Pushkin Institute continues to offer Greek language courses based on Russian to the above categories and their younger generations.

Moreover, in the context of promoting and making easy the process of learning foreign languages in Greece, which is a vital component of contemporary multicultural reality, the Pushkin Institute offers to the Russian-speaking mentioned above categories, besides Greek language courses, English language courses based on Russian.