Russian Language Course For Kids 7-12 Y.o.
Tuition – Fees For Academic Year 2011/2012

Level Α1.1

Pace of learning Program Payment
Regular 55 hours 1,5 h/week Friday 17:30-19:00 Lump Sum 440,0€ For 55 hours 2 Installments 2 x 225,00€ For every 27,5 hours 8 Installments 8 x 64,00 For every 6,5 hours

Registration: 40,00 €. PAYMENT OF FEES: Fees are prepaid in cash. Private Lessons: Charged – 25,00 € per person, two people (2 х 15,00 €) and three people (3 х 12,00 €) per hour, paid in advance of each private lesson. In order to pass to the next educational level, successful participation in the tests of the Institute is required. Participation in the exam of Level A1 is 30,00 € for students of the Institute and 45,00 € for non-students. DISCOUNTS: a) For the students who are members of the same family, there is 10% discount to the second member. (Applies to the students learning Russian in groups) b) There is a 15% discount for members of large families, after submitting necessary documents. (Applies to the students learning Russian in groups) c) There is a 10% discount for students, unemployed, disabled and members of a family which includes one member with a proven origin from the former republics of the Soviet Union. (Applies to the students learning Russian in groups) d) With the pre-payment of tuition for 20 h of private lessons, there is a 10% discount. * The total discount cannot exceed 25%. REMARKS: The groups are formed with a minimum of 5 students. The Institute reserves the right to dissolve the groups that do not meet the above minimum number of students. In this case the student has the right to choose another group or re-place it with the private lessons. The Pushkin Institute of Athens has the right to adjust the fees without prior notice.