Russian Library

The Russian library of Pushkin Institute is the largest and the most complete library in Greece, holding over 18,000 titles in Russian language.

Most of books come from the personal collection of Mr. Ioannis Giannikos, the publisher and the founder of Pushkin Institute, as well as from the Russian book markets purchased by the Institute itself at its own expense from Russia, Russian Church of Athens and former Greek-Soviet Association.

Also a small part of the library has been donated by the Head of Russian Duma, Genadi Seleznev, in 2001, by the Mayor of Moscow, Yuri Luzhkov, in 1995, from Cultural Attaché of the Russian embassy in Athens, Mr. Oleg Zaitsev, and from various private individuals.

The library operates as a lending library for students of the Institute.

For others interested in the library, after a prior arrangement with the Secretariat of the Institute, it is available during the hours: 15.00-17.00.

The study of books can be preceded in a specially designed area of the Institute.