Training Material

The Pushkin Institute, as a part of its educational activity and supply of integrated educational services for learning Russian language using modern methods and textbooks, represents and works with various publishers of educational books of Russian Federation.

On the basis of this cooperation the Institute offers and sells educational books – textbooks, grammar and punctuation, syntax, exercises and solutions, CDs and DVDs etc., which contribute to better learning of Russian language and which are approved for teaching Russian to foreigners by the Ministry of Education in Russia.

On the following pages, books, CD-DVD, the main titles of books and CDs can be found, which are addressed to the students of the Institute as well as to those who are interested in learning Russian individually, with a private teacher or attending courses of their choice. Books and CDs can be purchased and used in teaching and learning Russian language.

The books and CDs can be bought either by direct purchase from the Pushkin Institute, or ordered by email, fax or through telephone order.

The Pushkin Institute supplies with books and CDs the universities, schools, language schools and educational institutes throughout Greece.

The contact details of the Institute can be found on page “Contact”.