Studies in Russia

Russian Federation, the largest country in the world and one of the major powers of our planet on the economical, cultural, scientific, military and energy levels, offers many possibilities for studies of all specialties and grades with a substantial number of the prestigious universities, such as the State University “Lomonosov” in Moscow (МГУ), the State University of Saint Petersburg (СПбГУ), the Russian University of Theatre Arts (ГИТИС), the State University of International Relations in Moscow (МГИМО), the State Linguistic University of Moscow (МГЛУ ), the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (РУДН) and many others.

The Pushkin Institute cooperates with the largest universities of Russia, prepares students at the needed language level and informs them about the conditions of studies in this country.

If you consider the possibility of studying in Russia you can contact us in order to learn about the conditions, level of education, recognition of degrees, the possibilities and opportunities that Russian educational system can offer.